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  JBJ 28 Gallon HQI/CF Open Back Nano Skimmer
JBJ 28 Gallon HQI/CF Open Back Nano Skimmer
Nano Skimmer Model JBJ-28
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JBJ-28 Nano Protein Skimmer

In Sump protein skimmer rated for aquaria up to 30 gallons.
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Product Code: NRS-JBJ-28

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Nano Reef Systems JBJ-28

This Nano Reef Systems protein skimmer was designed specifically for the JBJ-28 Gallon HQI or CF style aquarium
Skimmer fits in the middle chamber and a small amount of the aquarium trim will need to be removed for a ensure a proper fit.

How to choose the right skimmer for your aquarium.

Choosing the right skimmer for your aquarium is all about understanding "Bio-Load". When a skimmer can handle the bio-load of the system, it will actually “idle” when the level of Dissolved Organic Compounds ( DOC’s) drops low enough to limit fractionation. i.e., there aren’t enough DOC’s to form a stable head of Foamate. When a skimmer cannot handle the bio-load, it will continuously be creating foamate and skimmate and never “idle”. This is a clear indication that the skimmer is undersized for the system and should be upgraded or modified to handle the existing bio-load. Most skimmer manufactures base their system rating or capacity on one simple premise: Economy While this rating system makes it look like you are getting more bang for your buck, in most cases it will do little to actually achieve the purpose of a protein skimmer! To get the most out of a skimmer and optimize your investment dollars, you must purchase a well engineered, properly rated protein skimmer. At Reef Dynamics, that's exactly what we do.

What is a Protein Skimmer and what does it do?

“Protein Skimming” or “Foam Fractionation” is a process of removing Dissolved Organic Compounds (DOC’s) from seawater by way of ionic attraction and adhesion. DOC’s are ionically attracted to the surface of the tiny bubbles created by the skimmer pump or airstone.

As the bubbles rise in the skimmers “Reaction Chamber”, their surface becomes coated with these DOC’s and when they reach the top of the skimmer, they condense in a frothy head called “Foamate”, much like the billows of foam you might find on the seashore after a storm. The foamate is pushed over the “Neck” of the skimmer where is falls down into the "Cup" and liquefies (like beer when it over-foams in a glass). This concentrated liquid is called “Skimmate” and is a collection of DOC’s, algae, miscellaneous floating particles, and water.

The removal of this DOC’s is critical in providing optimal water quality in closed marine aquarium systems. If the skimmer is correctly sized for the system, it will be able to remove most if not all of the DOC’s before they become oxidized by nitrifying bacteria. Since the job of these bacteria is to convert DOC's into Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate, subverting this process is ideal since the goal is to limit the accumulation of Nitrates and other toxins in the system.

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* (Circa 1996)

  • Will filter up to 30 gallons of total system water volume
  • Ideally suited for "Reef" aquarium systems of 30 gallons with a medium/average bio-load
  • Ideally suited for "Fish Only" or "SPS" aquarium systems of 20 gallons with a heavy bio-load
  • Plug & Play - Set & Forget
  • Modified EcoPlus 132 Pump Included
  • Diamond Mesh Wheel
  • Energy Efficient
  • Quiet Operation
  • Air Intake Silencer Included

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