Protein Skimmer Pump Service Instructions

To insure optimal skimmer performance and long service life of the pump this maintenance should be performed every 3 months MINIMUM. 

If you are running a Calcium Reactor and or Kalkwasser Mixer this maintenance should be performed every other month. Having a spare pump is not only a convenient way to keep this schedule without having the skimmer shut down for any period of time, it is a great safety measure in case of pump failure or accidental damage.

1. Remove pump from system. Place pump in small container with a 1:1 ratio of distilled vinegar and water. Make sure pump is submerged by at least 2-3 inches. Run for a minimum of 12 hrs, preferably 24 hrs. ** If you are running a Calcium Reactor and or Kalkwasser Mixer, use a 2:1 ratio of vinegar to water. Rinse thoroughly and move on to step 2.

2. Gently loosen the volute by holding the pump firmly and twisting the volute in a counter clockwise direction.

3. Remove the volute by gently pulling it away from the pump.

4. Remove rubber bushing from volute using pliers.

5. Set rubber bushings aside.

6. Remove spacers from front of the impeller assembly and set aside.

7. Carefully remove the impeller/rotor sub-assembly using pliers...

8. ..pulling impeller/rotor sub-assembly straight out from the motor cavity so as not to break the ceramic shaft.

9. Set impeller/rotor sub-assembly aside and locate the ceramic shaft.

10. Use your hand to remove ceramic shaft by gently pulling while moving it side to side. Be sure to also remove rear spacers (if present) and rubber bushing mounted in the base of the inner motor housing. Long needle-nose pliers work well for this application.

11. Set ceramic shaft aside. Inspect all the parts carefully and closely. If you find any build up of calcium carbonate, soak all those parts in pure distilled white vinegar for 12 -24 hrs. Rinse and proceed to step 12.

12. After the pump is cleaned, rinse all parts in fresh water then, re-insert ceramic shaft, rear spacer (if required), impeller/rotor sub-assembly and front spacer(s). * BE SURE TO ASSEMBLE ALL PARTS IN THE CORRECT ORDER!! (Look HERE for PDF's of impeller assemblies)

13. Place rubber bushing from volute onto the end of the ceramic shaft that protrudes from pump cavity.

14. Make sure the volute o-ring is cleaned and lubricated. Align the rubber bushing with volute center and press into place. Turn clockwise to lock volute securely to motor face.

15. Put pump back into system and resume operation.

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